EvolveSelf is a full service beauty bar. Our unique model, is centered around your needs,your specific beauty and your convenience. It is important to us to provide custom services when you can make it. Our targeted approach to beauty and wellness includes next-gen specialists,products, and technologies.

We designed our services so you can the take time when you have it. So you don’t have to take time off work, away from events, or family and your life doesn’t need to be interrupted to look flawless and feel good. We make it easy with online booking, text reminders, easy to understand services and walk-in’s.Come in on weekends and evening hours.

The Office Photos


We are here for you.

We make sure that your beauty needs fit into your life.

Our customer service doesn’t stop when you leave, we make sure you get photos and results from your treatments so you can also track your results over time and see the results and beauty changes.


Your face and body are unique. Our focus is on customization, innovation and data to make your treatment individual.

All of our treatments work in concert together to support your beauty and wellness goals.


Our specialists are both artists and technicians, who are on the leading of technologies, and treatments. We make sure  you always have the services and products that suit your custom needs.